International Travel Health Insurance

Are you a frequent traveler, or do you intend to spend a great deal of time outside of your home country? If so, medical insurance can become fairly confusing, but Tripsetc Travel Company has created a solution that is simple enough for everyone. Our goal is to create medically underwritten long-term health insurance designed for expatriates and international travelers, allowing claims owners to feel comfortable in their safety while abroad. These comprehensive, worldwide plans can be customized to meet your international lifestyle and budget, when living or working abroad for six months or more. Carriers offer a range of benefits as well as travel resources varying from concierge services to mobile networks.

Your health is extremely important, no matter where you go. Traveling should be about seeing and learning new things, not obsessing over potential medical emergencies. Since it is impossible to completely avoid accidents, please consider investing in our International Health Insurance to protect your well-being when away from home. We also offer Frequent Traveler Insurance for those who find themselves constantly on the go.

This type of coverage is best suited for: US residents living or working abroad for six months or more, traveling frequently between countries or maintaining multiple countries of residence Incoming to the US, expatriates, international executives, diplomats, students, contractors, entertainers and other longer-term international travelers.