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Amazing Visit To Sweden To See The Northern Lights During Peak Activity Levels

If you have never seen the Northern Lights in person, or if you just want to see them again, increased solar activity is causing the best aurora borealis displays that the Earth has experienced in years. Since the 2011/2012 winter the Northern Lights have been more spectacular than ever. The 2013/2014 winter produced more of the same and the 2014/2015 season is predicted to have peak activity levels, too. This increase in activity is caused by what scientists are calling a 'solar flip'.

The European Paradise Isle: Tenerife


Close to the equator and the largest isle in the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a stunning, family-friendly destination with a variety of activities and great weather for you. Tenerife offers a diverse array of landscapes, idyllic beaches and charming villages. There is an endless list of things to do and see on the island with museums, beaches, spas, and sporting activities that will fill your days.

Australia Still The Prime Place to Emigrate to in 2012


More and more people are choosing to emigrate to Australia, especially Brits suffering the capricious weather conditions. Australia has many great cities, beautiful beaches, constant hot weather, perfect if you like the holiday atmosphere all year round. If you want to settle in Australia, you can gain entry via a working visa if you are skilled in any profession and are in demand. Here are three fantastic destinations Australia has to offer.


"Classy" Melbourne

Choosing the Most Stunning Sailing Yachts



3 Super Stunning New Zealand Casinos


3 Super Canadian Casinos for 2013 Break

3 Amazing Luxury Canadian Casinos


Delightful Darwin Tours for 2013

Looking for a holiday experience that will delight, inform, entertain, surprise, and educate you? Darwin Tours on the Top End fits the bill. Its wonderful to tour Darwin to get a proper give insights into the long history of the area. Aboriginal art galleries displaying indigenous work and artifacts at various locations including the Darwin Museum and Art Gallery. Visit the East Point Military Museum to explore military history.

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