Global Student Travel Insurance

Every so often the opportunity arises for a student to experience learning in an environment outside of their home country. Not only is this an amazing cultural experience, it also provides educational benefits that may not be available staying in one’s home nation. To ensure the safety of students ready to study abroad, Tripsetc Travel Company offers student travel insurance options such as accident and sickness insurance and services for international students and educators.

Most student visas and learning institutions require foreign visitors be covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy. Whether you are a US student, scholar, or educator pursuing your education abroad, or a non-US student, scholar or educator planning to study in the US, these plans meet most universities requirements, including J1-Visa.Tripsetc is proud to provide you additional peace of mind while studying outside your home country, allowing you to gain the most of your experience. We also provide Group Travel Medical Insurance, which is beneficial for groups of five or larger that may be traveling together.

This type of coverage is best suited for: Students, scholars, and faculty members who are engaged in international educational activities, foreign undergraduate or graduate students studying in the US, and US students studying abroad.